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Suggestion for the billing summary

  1. Your billing summary could be much more helpful for people hosting multiple blogs/websites with you.

    Now it shows the domain name for purchases/renewals of domain mapping. But wouldn't it be possible to show the blog name for other kinds of purchases?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Nice idea

  3. That's an excellent idea. I'll pass it along to the developers who deal with upgrades. Thanks!

  4. You'll be happy to know that as of this morning, the Billing History page now includes the custom domain or the blog associated with each upgrade purchase.

    Thanks for the suggestion and helping make even more awesome! :)

  5. Very good, thanks for the good work

  6. Thanks! You folks rock!

  7. I love happy endings! (sniff)

    Glad we could help. :)

  8. While this is fresh

    How about adding the dates the Upgrade is good for? From Oct 23, 2013 to Oct 22, 2014

    And not just the day the Upgrade was purchased or renewed - some people renew real early and the dates of service are then obscured completely


  9. While your idea has some merit, I think the first change was an easy sell to the developers because it was adding data that was already there for some of the upgrades, makes finding a receipt easier and allows a user to connect an upgrade to the blog. What you're proposing is already available on the My Upgrades tab, and would not itself make navigating the Billing History easier.

    Is there information we don't provide at all, or don't do a good enough job with connecting the dots, that would make upgrades easier to manage, short of merging two pages into one?

  10. Sorry Jackie - you and the team are not correct the info in not readily available.

    I help in the forum enough to know the information is not clear, I long ago stopped counting how many times I have needed to explain to someone that yes they REALLY are getting their full 12 months they paid for, not the 11 months that the My Upgrades page implies with the "Renews On" date

    With Auto Renew enabled This Upgrade will renew Sept 3, 2014

    With Manual Renew enabled (No Auto renew) This Upgrade will expire in 11 months on Oct 3, 2014

    So to get the Actual Expiration date is a multi-step process - with Auto Renew Enabled - disable Auto Renew to find out the expiration date - write down on the calendar the Real Expire Date - (or put in your electronic appointment thing) - then Enable Auto renew again - and at that point you are told when it will renew NOT when it EXPIRES

    The dates are from the Domain Mapping Upgrade for the site linked to my name

    The Mountaineers No Ads upgrade is one I am reimbursed for, last time I had to go back and answer the dates of service and expiration date after I had sent in the PDF file for reimbursement.

    So putting the expiration date on BOTH the receipt and add it to the My Upgrades would get rid of a point of confusion and provide accurate info to the owners.

    My auto insurance policy has a "to insure coverage payment must be received by 10/29/2013 at 12:01 am" My Auto insurance information is full and accurate, the info from WordPress.COM is not full, and is accurate only if you do the multi-step two step shuffle I explain above

    If accurate info was easily available I would not have ask for this over-site to be corrected

    thanks for your attention to this confusing point

  11. @auxclass, sorry for the delay. We had some issues with the billing history page so I couldn't look into this before now. I've forwarded on your suggestions and will let you know when I have more information for you.

  12. Thanks for sending the suggestion on

    I think these suggestions would reduce the confusion by an order of magnitude

  13. @auxclass, we are working on some nice revisions to the billing summary, but the final changes won't be released immediately. I just wanted to let you know that you were definitely heard and we will likely implement some of these ideas, but it won't be as quick of a turnaround as the first change because we have some stuff on the front burners that are about to boil over. :)

  14. Thanks

    Bit disappointed at the term "some" since I think these ideas are Great - but just trying to make things a bit better and easier to use for everyone

  15. @auxclass, your ideas are sound, and we might very well implement everything, but I don't want to promise anything that's outside of my control. :)

  16. I know that with any improvement that things get put in some sort of priority list, even something as simple as buying new towels for your kitchen.

    I appreciate the suggestions going to the correct group and hope none of them get lost. I used to do industrial software and I had to do the same priority thing for what could be done and the what was causing the biggest problems and which things we could live with.

    sometimes a feature would be moved down the list for any number of reasons, and once in a while I would be in that section of the code working on other improvements and would see that I could add the lower priority improvement with just a few lines of code and I would throw it in as sort of a 'bonus" -

    So as long as the improvement list keeps the ideas I sent in alive and they don't get lost, sooner or later they might be added or included in another upgrade in the same module.

    From my viewpoint, the confusion over when an upgrade expires and renews is one we deal with on a regular basis in the forum, so that is why I took the extra time to look at my Upgrades and make notes on what happens and what would reduce confusion - so you and the group were given a clear what happens and what I think would help - not yet another rant on "why was I charged" thing

    again thanks for sending the suggestions to the proper group - and maybe rattle their cage once in a while on it on behalf of all the owners of Upgrades :)

  17. I think this is a nice idea.

  18. I think you've pretty much hit the nail on the head with this, auxclass. Your idea is definitely in the queue and our developers have already done some preliminary work on it, but like you said, we need to get the new oven installed before we buy new dish towels. :)

  19. By the way, the page (from My Account > Settings > Billing History)

    doesn't have the site identifier enhancement that can be found on

    though the data on both seems to be pretty much the same.

  20. Thanks for the feedback!

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