Suggestion for the future.

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    Blogging will change a lot of things in the future. Already now it carries information faster than conventional media. A suggestion for the future – would be to build in automatic TRANSLATION as a service.
    Then Blogs from India, China, Sweden, Finalnd would be availiable for many more readers than it is today.
    I understand this is not easy on short notice- but if it could be done – our world would expand in an amazing way.



    Won’t google already do this, in a very crude way? “Translate this page” etc.


    Well, it is possible to do it with copy/past in many free translation services today. Free Translation / Inter Tran etc. But it is complicated. I was more thinking of an integrated tool. Depending on user – you immidiatley can read in you own language. If it is easy – it is a good service.
    Well it was only an idea. All the best from a rainy Sweden

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