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Suggestion: Improvement for Garland

  1. Hi!

    Garland is a really nice theme, except for one little issue - bullets in the post's lists are missing, although they are present in sidebar lists. It makes posts difficult to read, especially if lists are used extensively (for example, check my blog - it is basically a collection of resource links).

    Could you please add those missing bullets to the theme? Thank you in advance.

  2. Just little update... Adding

    .content ul li<br /> {<br /> margin: 0.4em 0 0.4em 1.5em;<br /> list-style-image: url(;<br /> }

    to CSS helps to get bullets to the list. Now it boils down to getting it to theme's CSS.

  3. .content ul li<br /> {<br /> padding: 0.4em 0 0.4em 1.5em;<br /> list-style-type: none;<br /> background: url( top left no-repeat;<br /> }
    is usually a little more cross-browser compatible.

    yes, there are a whole bunch of unstyled elements garland. i don't know that they're planning on fixing them before the theme is turned on again for new signups. best bet is to send in feedback from your dashboard, since staff are the only ones who can fix this.

  4. Well, could be... could be... In the end, it is not that important for me what exact CSS is there, but it would be important to get those bullets.

    Back to your post - I cannot find, where is the feedback in the dashboard. "Need Help?" box in the bottom says, "Use the feedback link in the upper right corner", but there is nothing like feedback link in the upper right corner. Funny. Am I stupid? Or is the feedback link really not in the dashboard?

  5. on this page, top left, pull down from My Account, and you'll see Contact Support. i don't know what hour support is open again, they had a few days off over xmas.

  6. Thanks. There is "Contact Support", but it says "Support Temporarily Closed". I'll try after the holidays...

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