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    Reading some comments from the Insights Announcement thread, I have some recommendations to make the New Stats page more like the Old Stats Page. Which, again, I really love my Old Stats page and hope it never gets deleted but if we are going to do away with it (eventually) there are a few things that I would like to have brought over.

    I’m not sure if others would like to add their own recommendations or echo a few of mine (or better word a few of mine) but if I’m alone, then I stand alone. Whenever I can vote on the Old Stats page, I always vote for three of the four options – I prefer it, it gives more information and I forget what the other two are.

    Anyways, here are my recommendations –

    All Time added to Days, Weeks, Months, Years

    I like having the total bar under the bar graphs. (I see now that it is under Insights)
    Today Visitors / Views
    Best Ever Views
    All Time Views / Comments

    Posts & Pages
    I like having the link to the individual post views by month. I would like to have the Total at the far right but also (for multiyear posts) to have a total of all years under the individual totals. The Old Stats page shows the total per year but not a combined total.

    Views by Country
    This is where I really like having the All Time Stat, as I just love looking at the world map with all of the countries and visitors. I do like how on the New Stats, the image is bigger but I want to see the All Time and not just by the individual year. I do my annual post where I share my stats and I like posting the image of the map, to show people as I’m quite proud of my stats and to show that I couldn’t do it without my readers.

    The same for Posts & Pages, having the All Time stat would be helpful to share and know what the popular stats are.

    Having the Summary link for both Views by Country and Top Posts Pages is super handy on the Old Stats, that I would like to see on the New Stats

    I mostly only use my Country / Posts & Page stats so the rest I don’t have recommendations on

    I do like, on the Old Stats, being able to see my Totals, Followers & Shares
    I do see how on the Insights page, I can see my Publicize views, so that’s handy as well as the number of WordPress followers.
    Having the Most Popular Day & Hour is a fun stat to track.
    But like having all of that in a handy block.

    That’s just what I came up with as a quick differences but mostly, I just don’t want to lose my Old Stats but I’m worried now, as the link to it is gone but I’ve bookmarked the Old Stats page so I can just go straight there.

    I do like the New Stats page, it just needs a little more information if I were to make the complete jump to the New Stats page.

    (I didn’t see a thread like this already but if there is a proper thread, please just combine this with that one).


    The blog I need help with is

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