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    I’d love to suggest a ‘random text’ widget that can be used to display random bits of text e.g. quotes. The config could be three fields:

    1) Title

    Self-explanatory e.g. “Random Quote”

    2) Separator character

    If none is specified, then the newline character is the separator. Otherwise, it could be specified to be anything e.g. “###” Perhaps, max. 3 chars.

    Rationale for this is that one might want a random text item to contain newlines etc.

    3) Random text

    Just one large <textarea> field to type the random stuff to be displayed.

    OK, I admit, I’m too lazy to do the coding for this; it’s been a long time since I did anything that’s programming.

    Perhaps someone already has done something like this that stores into a text file? Then you could convert that to a WordPress widget :)

    This’ll be a great addition for people who love to have random quotes or taglines on their sidebars!



    When I initially started with my blog, I too was on a lookout for something like above. But if u make it random, you might not like the quality of the quotes coming in, u might want it to be categorized (at least I was!!!).
    Thinking again , the same can be achieved with the RSS widget. Try to search the web for some rss feeds that would provide daily quotes (I do not remember right away, but am sure something is present).
    Or even better, start writing a post with specific tag on ur blog and link its rss feed to a rss widget in the side bar.
    mmm looks like a good idea, I would try it soon !!!


    UPDATE : May be I got it wrong. I am able to get only the link in the widget.

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