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    I recently migrated my blogs from blogger. One of the features I loved is the ability to categorize posts and then view all posts within that category.

    I’m having an issue with this on WordPress because I also want to use the “tag” feature to have users find my posts based on tags. However, this clutters up my categories and makes them useless.

    I believe that tags and categories should be 2 different features. For example if I have a religious blog, I want to tag everything “Religion, Christianity, God….” However I want to set different categories based on the topic. When I display my categories, it also shows the ones I choose as tags. Hopes that makes sense.

    Also in categories, it should over-ride the default # of posts and list them all (or to some max number). If I set my front page to display 1 post then click a category, you get 1 post and have to then click a button through. I believe this defeats the purpose of categories.

    My thoughts.




    Um there’s nothing stopping you from adding tags to your posts. In fact, Lorelle put together a bookmarklet thingie to do just that. Link.




    I browsed his article. It seems to me that he’s talking about Technorati tags NOT WordPress tags. In other words, if I use his method of adding tags to my blog, will it appear in the WordPress tag-surfer when someone clicks that?



    Categories are hierarchical (or rather, can be), tags are free form.

    Categories are not Tags, and Tags are not Categories.
    I loathe’s act of obscuring this fact, especially in light of WP’s built in CATEGORIES feature, and things like Ultimate Tag Warrior’s existence.


    Just FYI, roopster, Lorelle is a she.



    is there another option besides lorelle’s suggestion? i frequently surf in internet cafes, and i’m afraid that won’t work for me.



    What wouldn’t it? I use overly locked down terminals all the time but I’m still allowed to add in Bookmarks.

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