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    I totally love ‘ChaoticSoul’, but there are some things I’d like to point out:

    1. In the ‘archive’ pages (monthly or categorical), post titles are displayed with the category of that post (<Post title>, <date>, posted under <category name>, <#comments>) the hyperlink of ‘posted under <category name>’ points to<cat name> shouldnt this link to the posts of <cat name> in the current blog, instead of globally on

    2. Similarly, when viewing an individual post and its comments, in the ‘About this post’ section on the right, the category hyperlinks are global for

    3. The archive pages display only the post titles (no content, no summary), but they also follow the ‘show posts per page’ setting. So (for me) in the archive pages there are only 3 post titles shown and then a link to previous/next. This makes sense only when displaying full posts, but not while showing only the post titles.

    4. It could be great if there is a blogroll too!

    Thanks and have a great day!



    re: 1, 2, please search the forum for “Global tag pages” and you’ll see why it works this way. is unlikely ever to change this.

    re: 4 just go to the Widgets page and drag the Links widget into your sidebar.

    Staff have requested that all such feature/change requests come to them via the Support button on your Dashboard. They don’t cruise the forum looking for suggestions, so be sure to send this in tomorrow when Support reopens.



    thanks!, that was quick raincoaster!
    will do that!

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