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    We all know that those security codes don’t work as well as we want them to. You know where they ask you to type in the letters you see in a distorted image.

    WordPress currently has nothing like that. But I suggest that we implement something similar to it.

    We ask a question “What color is grass? (answer in lower case)”

    Any human can easily answer “green” but it is a lot harder for spam bots. I’ve recently seen these types of things pop up in a couple of places and i seems to work very well.


    CAPTCHAs of any sort are usually frowned upon by users. A honeypot would be just as effective, but less intrusive.



    – Wouldn’t solve the trackback spam (which is a good chunk of what you’re seeing) problem

    – Language issues as the answer would have to be in a specific language. Also the answer would have to be known by everybody. (There are large portions of the world that don’t have grass to use your example.)

    – Wouldn’t solve the “Koren sweatshop answering the questions/ captchas” problem either.



    It’s been suggested 101 times and it isn’t going to change. Automattic makes Akismet and if they start using captcha that’s going to be a huge black-eye on Akismet.



    CAPTCHAs are damned irritating, and they don’t work. There are many companies that pay people to break them, or give them free access to porn if they break the captcha. And they’re getting so long (14 characters!) they’re harder and harder for real people to type in the first place.



    You can use Akismet or WPBayes anti spam plugins to reduce blog spam. WPBayes plugin automatically classifies new comments as legitimate or spam based on past decision done by you.



    No, you can’t. Please read the sticky at the top of the forum marked READ ME FIRST.

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