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    I hope at least one person will come back to me on this?

    Last weekend I had a bit of a horror run with the premium theme “Minimum” in that the way it was presented and what I bought was not what I got.

    That feedback still hasn’t been answered by WordPress, and from looking at the theme comments I am sure I wont be the last to suffer this fate?

    Anyway, what I am looking for is a theme that is a full page wide vice just a chunk/strip in the middle of the page in which you are supposed to configure your text and sidebars.

    I understand that themes are designed to support mobile browsers and the like and I am cool with that but I need to find a theme that I can modify with widgets to my hearts content that is a full page or atleast a larger proportion of the page.

    I also understand I can play around with CSS to configure a page but I don’t want to go there as I really have no interest in coding.

    Any suggestions WordPress’ers?

    The blog I need help with is




    Did you look at the theme’s showcase page to see how to set it up?

    Did you consult with the Premium themes author in the special forum for Minimum?

    Buying a Premium theme does not automatically give you the additional Custom Design upgrade. It’s an additional paid upgrade.

    You have 30 days from the date of purchase to try out the theme and if it still isn’t what you are looking for, you can request a refund in your dashboard.



    @servitekmultikarya If you have something to add to the thread, please do. What you did would be considered spam and is the fastest way to get a one-way ticket out of the forums.




    1. Yes I did thoroughly, documentation, past comments and solutions. I wanted Minimum to be my theme but as I said the picture on the theme options page gives one the impression that the page can be customised to a full page. This may be the case, I don’t know, but I gather that would take solid CSS knowledge to do which I don’t possess nor have no desire to learn.

    2. Yes I did and I got a one liner in return which if you read the comments many have gotten unfortunately?
    Since then the author has gotten back to me and if a FAQ vice “unclear documentation IMHO” is written for the theme that would be a great step forward.

    3. I understand that the CSS upgrade costs (with the Minimum theme) another $30USD and I am happy to pay for a theme that gives me what I am looking for which is a full page or as much space to play with as possible.

    4. Have already asked for a refund after waiting a day for help. This request was put on the forum to help guide me with some suggestions of themes that might be suitable.

    thanks for replying.



    I do not frequent the Premium theme forums as I do not have a premium theme and cannot post there, but if you have a concern about the replies you are getting you could have contacted Support directly (available when you have a paid upgrade). The primary support given here in the public forums is peer-to-peer.

    If you want a full width front page, you might want to see which themes can be configured without sidebars on the front page. There’s no quick substitute to looking through the theme showcase and using the filters there.

    But even before that, I’d also like to suggest you start writing before worrying about changing to any other theme than the one you have (2011). It will also make previewing other themes easier when you have some context and some content.

    And since you’ve only been on a week, and this is your very first post in the Community forums, I’d also like to suggest you read and get to know the Support documents.

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