SUGGESTIONS // ADVICE (people who actually know what's going on) please?

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    hello! and thank you.

    I’m just a random girl who loves the internet and likes to write. all my life I had blogs and some time ago I decided to bought a domain, have an official address. I bought it through wordpress, even though my blog has always been on blogger: I wanted to change the host, I wanted to learn how to use wordpress. but I quickly discovered that wordpress(.com) wouldn’t let me upload my own theme and I don’t know how to use the dot org (no even with tips for dummies) so… how do I direct my domain name to my blogspot blog? blogger says I need to introduce two CNAME, but I read through the forum that I can’t do that on wordpress, is it correct? so… how do I proceed?

    any tips on how to use would be very much appreciated! do I need to buy a host somewhere like godaddy and then download the wordpress thingy and somehow direct one thing to the other? this seems impossible for me to discover… and that means more money to spend. which is quite of… well, not impossible, but evitable.

    I hope you didn’t lost the interest on reading me just because the amount of words and thank you so much for your attention!!


    The blog I need help with is



    You should be able to map your domain name to your Blogger blog – not my best area but the link below should help a bit –


    thank you for your reply! I was already on that page, but… I think the secret for my success lies on the Adding Custom DNS Records, but it’s scary just to look at it. blogger gave two registers to put somewhere, but they are in nothing similar with the example given. I really don’t know how to proceed here and I read people who are in the same situation as me here on the forum. I guess we’ll figure it out. I hope, at least.

    so, what do you say? better go back to blogger than to put myself in the adventure of trying to find how works?



    You will not like But if you can get over the theme issue, you will probably like


    @youthdepraved – you’d be surprised at what you can do with some of the existing themes here. Really.



    PS: There are about 220 themes to choose from now – about 200 are completely free – many people get hung up on “the perfect theme” – my advice is to look at the themes here – spend a couple of hours looking at what you have to choose from (yes it will take some time) – you might even find the theme you want already here – the theme people have been gangbusters with new themes of recent – if a theme is close many times it can be modified with CSS (paid upgrade) but that bit of work is much easier than maintaining a WordPress.ORG install – costs less also –


    thank you all! I will give a try. again. while I don’t figure out the cname whatever nightmare, at least. I looked for themes on google too, because I’m really into minimalist layouts. and I also need to be able to change the font. I’m too complicated and nitpick (so I should just focus my attention on how to transfer the domain name, haha), but maybe I’m just not looking for the theme with enough patience.


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    But we really need to know what you want to do with your blog. Specifics about how you want it to function would help to show you themes that would work for you. colors, menus, fonts, changing the appearance in other ways, badges, widgets (like plugins, but limited), images, audio, video: what do you want to do?

    But if you need to have advertising or a shopping cart, then is not for you.


    for example, those are awesome: black on white, majority of text entries. I can’t find anything that clean on themes.



    Maybe close

    Silver is the new black
    The Journalist v1.3
    Clean Home
    Under the Influence

    Not exactly like your favorite but they all looked plain to me


    You can’t get much more minimalist than Manifest:

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