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    Congrats on the new Gallery Widget in your recent 4.9.4 update, it’s really cool. So glad bloggers can now place illustration/photo galleries in any widget on websites!

    As an illustrator, I haven’t used Gallery yet for a couple of reasons, which I would like to share in hopes that maybe they can be of help in tweaking the Gallery feature:

    1- The new Gallery Widget, as well as the Gallery feature in Media, are aligned left once published. It would be great if users can decide on the alignment of the galleries. I personally prefer centre.

    2- Following a recent update, a function in “Galley Settings” stopped working. Choosing “None” from “Link To” will not stop photos from being clickable. Meaning, even when you decide on “None,” visitors will still be able to click on the Gallery & view it in a light-box. Actually choosing any of the options (“Attachment Page,” “Media File,” or “None”) will result in the same exact light-box when Gallery is clicked on.

    3- When you click on Gallery, the resulting light-box has a Comments box underneath each photo with no option to remove it. It would be great if users can remove it (or if it’s not there by default), especially that many illustrators and photographers would rather use the light-box to showcase photos within a clean interface and no distractions.

    4- It would also be great if users can remove the text that appears by default in the Gallery light-box under photos. Although there is an option to add a caption when in editing mode (in Gallery), the light-box still pulls text from the “Description” or “Title” tabs of photos in Media. The only way to get rid of text under light-box photos it to delete text from both “Description” & “Title” on all photos used, which to my understanding can impact SEO.

    5- After trying many options, I have decided the best way to create a Portfolio website is to NOT use a portfolio plug-in. So I started using Categories instead to show images of my portfolio entries, which is a great way to showcase artwork. (P.S. The theme I’m using allows a Text Editor similar to Pages and Posts for Categories as well).
    However, the problem with Categories is that they behave different from Pages & Posts, in that they do not allow users to embed the Gallery feature in them. You can see the Gallery in the Text Editor, however it turns into code when viewed on actual website.

    6- The next point is actually about Categories. As well as not allowing Gallery embeds, Categories also do not allow iFrame embeds. I’m going to give you the example of embedding a flip-through portfolio (or magazine) from ISSUU. Whereas users can embed iFrame virtually everywhere on the website (including Widgets) Categories do not allow such embeds, which can limit one’s imagination. As an illustrator, since I use Categories as portfolio sections, embedding iFrame and other embeddable media would help me improve website design.
    P.S. Categories do not allow YouTube embeds either.

    I thought of sharing my thoughts with your lovely team, hoping these points are helpful – thank you for listening!
    Kind regards,

    The blog I need help with is

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