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    I love Suburbia theme.. Really perfect with perfect place for menu and awesome post page design.

    But still have some suggestions, to make it even better:

    1. An option to use a picture as a header (other than the logo)

    2. A place for some widgets in main posts page, better the area under the menu on left side..

    3. A lot of space lost for some sections (shortlink, navigation, edit) in single post page on right side.

    4. If you use more than 10 menu item (if menu area is high), you face with overlapping of menu items with posts when you use search a tag or category results shown. So better not to use the below part of menu for showing the searched posts. this will also provide space for item 2 above.

    Many thanks to designers of Suburbia theme again..

    The blog I need help with is



    I too am a fan of the Suburbia theme. I noticed on your blog that you have 5-star ratings for each posts. Can you let me know how that’s done?

    The blog I need help with is

    If this isn’t a CSS question, apologies for posting the query here.

    Thank you,
    – Eli




    Thanks! – Eli



    You’re welcome. :) Also note the step by step learn blogging tutorial Staff have linked to the bottom of your Admin page at



    Help with Suburbia theme, please!

    1) There is a title and a description. I want the description to show up but not the title. Can I turn off just the title?

    2) How can I add buttons to link to my social media pages?


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