Suggestions for theme which can fulfill a specific requirement

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    I have been doing a private blog on the twentyten theme and now need to start a second blog which will be more like a website. On the home page I would like a right hand narrow column to contain a list of short testimonials.

    I can’t see how to do it with the 2010 theme. The other themes I am leaning towards are TwentyEleven and Coraline. Would either of those be easier to work with to get this testimonial column going?


    The blog I need help with is


    For the testimonials, the best way to do those is in text widgets in the sidebar, or you could write and format all of them into a single text widget. You can use the post editor to create what goes into the text widget. Once you have everything formatted as you want it, switch to the HTML tab, copy out all the stuff and then paste that into the text widget and at the bottom of the text area in the widget, click the “keep paragraphs” check box and then save.


    As far as suggested themes, any theme with a sidebar will do.


    Oh, and you might be interested in reading this support document on using wordpress to create a website.



    Thanks – I’ll give it a go. Much appreciated.


    You are welcome.

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