Suits theme error confirmed by designer

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    I recently got an error with the Suits theme, in which after changing to one of the suggested colour palettes, I couldn’t switch back to the default one. I contacted the theme designers and they say that they too can reproduce this bug, and that only you guys at can fix it. I’d really appreciate it to be fixed ASAP!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    Thank you for the report. I have opened a bug report for this, and I’ll keep you posted on the progress.


    Thanks a lot for that! I’d like nothing more than seeing my site back to normal again!



    I’ve had this issue as well. Any update?


    Just checked changing my theme back to default, and it doesn’t work even now. Hopefully they’ll fix it soon, though.




    Thanks again for reporting this bug. Here is a temporary workaround to restore your theme’s default colors:

    * Go to Appearance > Customize > Custom Design and click the “Try Now” button
    * Click Colors
    * Click Default
    * Click Save
    * Check blog front end and the default colors should be back

    I hope this helps.




    It did help. Thanks Caroline!


    I’m trying to use Suits theme for a website, but the “Front page displays” setting doesn’t appear under Settings>>Reading which would allow me to create static pages. The theme is described as being suitable for blogs and websites. What am I missing? Thanks!



    What is the URL of the website you are talking about?



    @easternshoreart – You will need to publish a page to see that setting in your site’s Admin Dashboard.

    It is not possible to set a draft or private page as a static front page, which is why that setting is hidden for you. :)


    Ah hah! That makes sense Jerry – thank you very much. This learning curve is steep – appreciate your help.


    Great, glad I could help!

    Happy Blogging :)

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