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    Hi there!
    I have had help from the wonderful people in this forum before and was hoping they might be able to help again.

    I use the suits theme and have the CSS customisation, and I was wondering if there’s a way to have just the title and a featured picture for each post on my home page, rather than the whole post. I’ve looked in my settings and there isn’t anything that works.

    I also have a picture I would like to use as my header which has the blog title in it, so can I hide the header and tagline so that the picture is just the header (and so that has the home link as well)?

    Hope this makes sense! It’s


    The blog I need help with is


    You can limit the text in posts by using the Read More tag, which you insert into your posts at the point you desire, such as right after your image.


    Great! Thank you so much!

    Any ideas about what I could do for the header image I mentioned?


    I just deleted the site title in the settings and uploaded the header so all good now!



    Actually, is there another way I can do this? Because now my site is considered ‘untitled’? I just want to be able to use the header I have now but still actually have a website name :)


    So I figured it out! I ended up using this..

    .site-title {
    visibility: hidden;


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