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sulz says hi!

  1. haha, i don't insult! except maybe with people i'm sure who wouldn't feel insulted. :) or unless they really deserve one! :P

    this sulz must be a hell of a dancer to be able to waltz on someone's ass. LOL

  2. Sorry - I should have put up a dislaimer as to the veracity of the statements in the poem, all of which are sourced solely in poetic license. :)

  3. ah, poetic license! in this case, can you make the persona gorgeous like eva longoria and witty like roald dahl? lol

  4. And with the tongue of Dorothy Parker...

  5. hey stonehead! how's the crofting going? i remember those farm-produced meals of yours and how jealous i was, haha.

  6. Hello sulz long time no see welcome back.

    Now where is that rock I hide under ? Ah, I found it. :)

  7. hey techie teck, why are you hiding under a rock? yeah, i'm happy to be back! the new 'in my/your pants' thread is hilarious. hopefully i'll get the volunteer groove back, though i see no problems in that department with you, rain et al at the helm! :)

  8. Oh, I have been trying to hang low in the forums & only help when needed
    kinda like a vacation!

  9. Sulz is more gorgeous than Eva Longoria,
    And Roald Dahl would envy her Bloggerdygook.
    It's a witty and fun-filled phantasmagoria -
    If you don't believe me then go take a look.

  10. (Sorry, Sulz and Stoney, but I can't bear to give away any capacity I might have to confer Dorothy Parker's tongue on someone, and selfishly hog even the idea of it all to myself.)

  11. gosh, i really have to start compiling, these poems are so cute and apt! :D

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