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    In my “Reading Settings” of WP-Adminn
    I have radiobutton
    “For each article in a feed, show”
    checked on “Summary”
    but the blog continues to show article in Full Text

    What is wriong and how to correct this?

    The blog I need help with is



    Your RSS feed for posts is set to summary and is operating correctly.

    If you wish to split content in the posts themselves so only excerpt show on the front page of the blog you have to edit the posts and insert “the more tag“. Thereafter when you create a new post you simply insert the more tag where you want the text to split.


    thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!

    You are my angel – I also wanted to ask about “the more tag” a long time ago (because I tried it and could not grasp) but you are guessing and fullfill all my wishes questions before I even come to utter them aloud!!!.


    So, this (content split)seem to work for ll posts except sticky post.

    Is it that I do not know how or it is by design (impossible to accomplish)?



    I don’t have an answer for why you cannot insert “the more tag” into a sticky post. I do know that sticky posts are meant to be very short messages which are temporarily stuck to the front page. They are not meant to be lengthy posts that are stuck to the front page forevermore. And I know that if you have more than one sticky post you will eventually experience problems.

    If you are going to use a longer message then you ought to consider having a static front page instead. You create two new pages. One will be your new front page and the other will be the page for your posts to be displayed on. Then you designate them here > Settings Reading
    Front page displays
    __Your latest posts

    A static page (select below)
    Front page:
    Posts page:



    Setting those instructions aside you will note that I do not have sticky posts on my blogs and I do not have static front pages. I consider both to be traffic killers. People come to blogs to read fresh content and returning readers are not likely to be pleased with having to click through the same blah, blah, blah page every time they come to read fresh content.

    I believe that prior to making the static home page choice bloggers ought to consider:
    (1) how information in their blogs can be most easily accessed by readers and by search engines;
    (2) who their target audience is;
    (3) what their metrics reveal about who their current readers are and where they are coming from;
    (4) whether or not a static home page is likely to result in delivering more readers via search engines;
    (5) whether or bot retuning visitors will be annoyed if they have to click through a static front page to locate fresh content every time they visit the blog;
    (6) whether a static home page is likely to result in more conversions from casual passers through to regular blog readers/subscribers.


    Thanks a lot for all these eyes-opening comments!!!!

    And I goofed in that splitting does not work with sticky posts
    (dunno why, I remember that I re-checked few times b4 posting


    I really appreciate your time!

    Knowing my own POV as many years coder, and even better of my colleagues, who have never blogged but consider it to be too simple waste of time – just start writing – but really it has so many pitfalls and know-hows (true any prof activity how much simple it can appear from outsiders)



    Not to worry we were all new once and there’s a lot to learn. What’s important is to create content – original content. Write well and publish frequently.
    Read this short post > 6 Traits of Successful Bloggers

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