Summary display option not functioning in Pilcrow

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    I’ve been using Pilcrow theme for a while now and really want to stick with it, but I’m getting a bit frustrated at being unable to change the way posts display. I want to be able to only display the summary, something this theme supposedly enables.

    I have gone into Settings Reading Settings and selected the check box for Summary… but nothing is changing. I’ve tried switching between the two, but to no avail.

    In the email messages that are sent out to followers, only the summary is displayed.

    Does anyone out there have any ideas to magically fix this problem? I don’t particularly want to change themes… Aaaargh! Help!


    The blog I need help with is



    I’ve been in the same trouble with theme iTheme2. Need help!



    That Summary setting you’re selecting only applies to the RSS feed, from which the emails are generated.

    I’m not familiar with Pilcrow, but if excerpt-only is a standard option on that theme, it’ll be on the Theme Options page. If not, then just use the More tag.


    Okay, looks like it’s time to use the More tag.

    Thanks for your help.

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