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Summary function and Contempt theme

  1. I would like to use the summary function, and has learned in this post about the icons and this post: "Summary function does not work" that it's about the button 13 in the visual mode.

    However, it does not seem to work in my case. I have the Contempt theme, is that the problem? What themes do support the summary function then?

    My other question is: editing in the code mode with the "more" tag is exactly the same as editing in the visual mode with button 13, with regard to result, right? - I ask because the answers explicitly mentioned the button in the visual mode.

    I never use the visual mode because all inserted white spaces between pictures e.t.c gets overwritten immediately as soon as I go to visual mode(by Firefox, I have been told). But it should be the same, anyway...

  2. Hi again, forget about it. It works just fine now, I don't know what went wrong before...

  3. Yay! I'm glad to hear it's working now. Merry Christmas ann.

  4. Yup, Congratulations anne, :D

  5. Thank you both!

    and Merry Christmas too (a bit late perhaps? :-D)

  6. I'll accept that sentiment and apply it to the New Year. You're welcome anne. :)

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