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Summary of latest post on home page

  1. Hello,

    My site ( has a static homepage with posts on a different page. Is it possible to automatically display on the homepage a summary of just the latest post? I would like to display a summary of just the latest post on the homepage and have that automatically change whenever I publish a new post. Can you direct me to the solution?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. That is not how static pages work. That is how blogs work.

    Instead, why don't you just use the MORE tag to put summaries of your posts in your blog and make the blog the landing page instead of a static page?

  3. Hi raincoaster,

    Thank you for your quick response. I understand what you're saying. The problem is that I want only one summary at a time to appear on the homepage at a time. There will be many, many posts on the site, and I don't want them to all appear on the homepage, which would become very lengthy if I do that. I am hoping there is a way to have just one summary on the landing page at a time. I welcome all suggestions.

  4. Easily. Go to Settings->Reading and set the number of posts which show on the page to one. Note that few themes will display your post to the best advantage if you do this. You might prefer something like Hemingway or Inuit Types configured the way I have at to make the most of your latest post while showing a few other teasers.

  5. Also, be sure you're not using one of the themes with Infinite Scroll enabled. I think Pilcrow DOES have it enabled, in which case you can either put a widget in the footer area to disable it or switch themes.

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