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Summary option does not work

  1. Everything on my new blog works except one thing -- it is displaying full text even though I've checked "Summary" in the Reading->Options page. I've tried several different themes, same result. Please advise ...

    -- MS

  2. WWbtest: When you post using the Visual Rich Editor, there is a button that enables you to split your post. If you hover your mouse over it, it should say "Split post with More tag".

    Just go to the point where you wish to split the post and press this button. Then save your post. When you view your blog, it will show you only the text which precedes the More tag.

  3. Just for info, I believe that the "summary" option is for your RSS feed.


  4. Summary is theme dependant as well. There are a few themes out there that will display what's in the summary field on your blogs home and search pages.

    Podz mentions the 'more' button as being button #13 in this FAQ.

    Hope this helps,

  5. Very helpful -- thanks, everybody.

    -- MS

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