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    Yeah, I read all the pages and posts. In case anyone didn’t read my post, the manual one is no good. Only works for one blog, and you have to bookmark it separately. That’s a bit archaic. I’m not trying to be rude, but it’s a button. Something WordPressers appreciate and use several times every day. Why can’t it just be put back?


    I love the summary stats page. I do hope the link comes back to the bar chart. I miss it already even if I know how to get to the page manually; hit is much easier to have the link on the page.



    Please bring it back – it is essential.


    Changes still appearing, but not for the better as far as I can see.



    Let me add myself to the list of people who liked the stats summaries link where it was. I can certainly do without it for a week or so if some new overhaul is in progress, but I very much like its calculation of daily average hits over various time scales, so easily accessed. Thanks!


    Don’t you just love the way so many people are so unhappy with the change, and what are we hearing from WP staff, NOTHING, as usual. It would be great if they listened to us.

    Or even someone could say whether it is a glitch, or a real chance.

    Someone please tell us.



    So it is still there – great , but a bit tricky to get too don’t you think? It’s like some 10 year old has made the coding changes!



    I agree that it is a free platform but WP needs input to generate advertising revenues so it should at least consider its contributors!


    Very well said



    I love that response:
    “If you don’t like it go somewhere else”
    I am going to nominate you guys for a top customer services award!


    Who said that


    This is just silly. I can reach the summary tables by going through the Dashboard and Site Stats, and there’s a Summaries link to them above the graph. But there’s no similar link from the page. If the tables exist, why not link to them from there as well?



    Not much to add except adding another request to have the stat table link be added back to the UI. And to thank you for posting the link here.



    same here, no stats for the weekly average….



    Sorry folks. I just saw this thread.

    Don’t worry, we’re not taking away the summaries view. This was a bug. If you refresh, you should see the Summaries link in the upper right corner of the chart.

    Please let me know if you do not.


    Thank you so much, so glad it is back.


    @jblz Yes– thank’s. Happy it’s back.



    Thanks! I like the new visitors stats too.



    Thanks for exterminating the bug.

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