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Summary vs Full in feed...

  1. "In your Dashboard, under Settings → Reading, you can set your feed to display either 'Full Text' or 'Summary', under For each article in a feed, show."

    I have done this & my blog is still showing full text...not summary.
    Blog url:

  2. As far as I can determine, is only (properly) displaying the first 55 words of each post. Could you check if it might be a browser issue and try again?

  3. no...not a browser shows full text on other computers as well...

  4. ok...i figured it only affects the feed...not the content on the blog itself.
    is there any way to show only summaries on the blog itself??

  5. There is no way to do this automatically, but you can similarly split your content with a More tag.

    See this for more info:

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