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Summer Time - Tome Zones

  1. I live in Sweden, and the last night we changed the clock, putting it 1 hour forward. It´s summertime. All my post are scheduled, and I realized that WordPress works according to our old times. I had to change the timezone to get everything published at the right time. Now my site is registered at the same time zone as in Moscow instead of Stockholm. Is it really true that WordPress do not changes time automatically according to the time? Do I have to be registered under the wrong time zone (or schedule my post to appear 1 hour earlier just to make them appear at proper time?)?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I searched the support docs and the official blog for you and found the answer:
    Set Your Blog’s Timezone by City

    Once you’ve set your timezone this way, you won’t need to change it again to account for Daylight Saving Time. will automatically update your blog’s time settings as needed.
    If you’re interested, here’s a full list of the timezones we support for reference.

  3. Thanks, it seems to work. Much appreciated.

  4. You're welcome. Happy Sunday (well, at least Sunday where I am). :)

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