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sun or moon songs game

  1. Post a song title or phrase from any tune containing either the word "sun" or the "moon".

    I'll start with Tears From The Moon [feat. Sinéad O'Connor]!

  2. Fly me to the moon. (Frank Sinatra)

  3. Good one. :)

    björk: moon

  4. Black Sun (Dead Can Dance)

  5. Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden

  6. strawberryindigo

    Moonlight SonataMoonlight Sonata

  7. @strawberryindigo
    ♥ it

  8. Ain't no Sunshine - Michael Jackson

    I love this song..

  9. @strawberryindigo
    Excellent choice, it's one of my favourite pieces :)

    John Murphy - Sunshine

  10. Moondance -- Van Morrison

  11. @freddiemaize
    Back in the day - ♥ it :)

    Great choice!

    I almost posted that earlier. :)

    Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles

  12. Moon River - By Andy Williams

    (In watching this vide of him, now I realize why my mother had a crush on him... (we knew this whenever as children we watched the Andy Williams Show and teased her): he looks vaguely in his face angularity like my father.

    My father is slowly dying from cancer.

  13. Zoe - Sunshine On A Rainy Day

    One hit wonder!

  14. @maidiebike

    I feel for you. We lost our mother to that awful disease 10 years ago. It's a helpless feeling.

  15. I See the Moon
    (sing that to my boys all the time )

  16. @maidiebike
    I'm so sorry your dad and you are going through this. When a loved one is dying, anticipatory grief can set in before they go. Well, that’s happened for me twice over and my heart goes out to you. {{HUG}}

  17. Harvest Moon - Neil Young

  18. @maidiebike. I'm so sorry. Hugs.

  19. Moon Over Bourbon Street - Sting

  20. In The Sun -- Blondie

    Tropic haze pineapple sky
    Perfect wave hurricane eye!

    I still have a mad girl-crush on Debbie Harry.

  21. @absurdoldbird & luddylens
    I think we listen to the same music so I'll just scratch those two from my will post it later list. :D

    Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford "Sun & Moon"

  22. @timethief
    Great minds thinking alike, and all that!

  23. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore - The Walker Brothers

    @TT - yep! :)

  24. Mr. Moonlight by The Beatles

  25. I really appreciate your heart-felt words.

    The Age of Aquarius- Let the Sunshine in : by 5th Dimension & Mamas & Papas(?)

    Clip has a voiceover near end.

  26. @aeadamsphotography504
    Hi there. I 'm so sorry I missed your post up there. Welcome to :)

    Wow that brings back some memories. :)

  27. Native Americans: Spirit of the Sun - Chirapaq

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