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    I am using Sunburn design and have trouble seeing the color of quoted text and hyperlinks (dark gray) against the background (black). Any way this could get changed to just a lighter grey or something?

    I put up a sample post with a quote and a hyperlink to illustrate “Demo colors hard to read” at:

    My blog:

    Thanks! I really love this design and want to use it!




    I’m afraid that themes are almost never changed here at For every user who wants something changed, there will be another who would be understandably aggrieved to suddenly find the appearance of their blog changed. If you don’t want to go down the CSS route, then the only other alternative is to choose a different theme altogether.


    Well, thanks. I didn’t think I was asking for something frivolous. This seems like a design issue rather than a personal preference issue.



    Well, you can try sending a note to staff, but when people have asked for themes to be changed before, this is the standard reply. Although this design may not suit you in certain respects, other users may not feel the same and so changes are VERY rarely made.



    Thanks for the quick reply!


    But you can manually change the color of quotes and links in the post editor.



    I know. That is what I am doing. It will just be a pain to stick the font and color tag everywhere. But I am resigned to that solution – but at least there IS one!



    You mean inserting html tags everywhere? Not necessarily.

    – For blockquotes, you can simply highlight the blockquote (in the visual post editor) and use the Color button.

    – Links are not as easy. But don’t you copy-paste the link model anyway? What I do once I settle on a particular preference is keep my own versions in a text file, to have them handy for permanent use. In your case that would be:
    <a href="URL" target="_blank"><span style="color:#CHOSEN_HEX_NUMBER_HERE;">TITLE</span></a>

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