Sunburn Custom CSS in IE Problem

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    Hi everyone,

    My blog is located at and i am nearly done with customizing it. There is only one problem left: the sidebar headings are displayed fine in all browsers except IE6+7, where they’re not aligned to the left. Instead there is a gap of about 20 pixels.

    You can see a comparative screenshot here and my css can be found here. I’d appreciate if any of you could take a look at my css file and give me a hint on what could be wrong with it.

    I seem to have reached the limit of my css skills at this point :(



    I’ve learned that things usually look different in IE compared to other browsers. And whenever I do anything different on my blog and my MySpace page, I check how it looks on IE as well.



    A lot of html elements eg headers, have various degrees of margins and padding by default. Conveniently the default is inconsistent between browsers. On my proper blog (not the test blog I run here to keep up with WP developments) I use a Global Reset in my CSS to reset everything to zero before I start and iron out as many browser variations as possible.


    Thanks for your input. I have already tried all suggsted solutions so far and none of them works. Anyway, thanks for your help.

    I finally settled with a little redesign that works in all browsers ;)

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