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Sundance Theme- how to override video width settings

  1. I recently switched to Sundance and find that although I can alter the embed code for videos to resize, and WP will accept my height adjustment, Sundance simply defaults to showing them full-column width, which is really obnoxiously huge. There must be an override?

    A slice of HTML or workaround would be greatly appreciated, because I do love the theme otherwise.

    blog in question:

    post illustrating the width problem. I cut the height to 50 just to be able to embed them without having a visual nightmare.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. @katemckinnon,

    Sorry for the trouble. This is a known issue in Sundance theme and a bug ticket has already been issued. We are looking into the issue as soon as we can but unfortunately I don't have a specific date when the issue will be fixed right at the moment.

  3. Hey! That's fabulous. Just knowing that you are on it is reassuring. I love the Sundance theme otherwise and want to stick with it.

    Since I have you, Mr. Theme Wrangler, one thing about Sundance that I wish I had more control over was the column spacing. I use the right sidebar for links and widgets, and the main column for writing. It diminishes the text of the prose to have it bump so hard up against the widget column. The option to space them further apart, even by a few clicks, would be a great gift to the many writers who use Sundance.

    Perhaps that is something I can already to, but I don't see how.

  4. @katemckinnon,

    Unfortunately, there is no option to add more space in the theme as default. However if you upgrade with Custom Design, you can edit the column via custom CSS. For example, pasting the following code into your CSS tab makes the column narrower so that you can have space between the main column and the sidebar.

    #content {<br /> margin: 0 32% 0 0;<br /> }<br /> .hentry {<br /> margin: 0 0 3.1428571428em 17%;<br /> }

  5. Hi,
    Anything yet on the width problem?
    I recently switched to sundance and I'm really very fond of it were it not for the gigantic videos..


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