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Sundance theme page color

  1. deborahvanderzel

    I have the sundance theme I don't know how to change the color of the page

    I can change the background, fonts, pictures,, headers add links, etc
    but I can't figure out how to get rid of the pink page color
    please help

  2. Add the following to your custom CSS and edit the color code as desired. I've used #FFFFFF (white) as a placeholder for you.

    body.custom-colors #page, body.custom-background.custom-background-image-empty #page {
    background: #FFFFFF;
  3. deborahvanderzel

    Thank you,
    I have never ventured into the CSS, but I will give it a go
    appreciate the response

  4. You are welcome and let us know if you have any problems.

  5. deborahvanderzel

    It did not work..... it was asking for pipes and L brackets
    sheesh... I am out of my comfort zone.... I wish I new code but I don't

    would you be willing to go in for me? If so please call me 760-945-7045

    Thank you

  6. This code,

    body.custom-colors #page, body.custom-background.custom-background-image-empty #page {
    background: #FFFFFF;

    has correct syntax. Did you perhaps miss the ending bracket? I just tried it again in Firebug in Firefox and it worked.

    Alternately you can go with the following code.

    #page {
    background: #FFFFFF !important;

    It isn't a good idea to write code that requires the "!important" attribute, but it should work. The CSS editor will whine at you with a warning though.

  7. deborahvanderzel

    Path it worked!
    thank so very much!

  8. You are welcome.

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