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    Just installed the Sundance theme yesterday, so today is Day 2 with WordPress – please bear with me!

    The Sundance theme features different Post Formats – However, I can only see 2 [Standard & Video] when I go to “Add Post”

    Unless, I go to Settings > Writing
    There I can choose the Default Post Format, with the following list to choose from:
    Standard / Aside / Chat / Gallery / Link / Image / Quote / Status / Video / Audio

    Is there a bug or how can I permanently have all of these if not most of them show up under ‘Add Post’ ??

    Thanks in Advance!!

    The blog I need help with is



    The Settings dashboard pages are generic: they display the same options no matter what theme you’re using.
    But only a few themes support all the alternative post formats; other themes support a few alternative formats, and other themes support only one or none at all.
    So there’s no point setting a particular alternative format as your default if the theme doesn’t support it.



    Thanks for the clarification justpi!!
    Have a great weekend!

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