Sundance theme video carousel not working properly

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    Normally in the Sundance theme, you post a video and “sticky” it to get it to show up. If I have more than 10 stickied, the oldest one get pushed out and I unsticky it. However, new stikcy posts are no longer appearing in the carousel and old posts in the carousel no longer are removed when I un-sticky them. The only way to remove an old post was trashing it, and even with the opened up space (now 9 of 10), the new post still won’t appear!!

    The blog in question is

    The blog I need help with is




    Sorry about the issue you are experiencing. There was a temporary glitch in the featured posts in Sundance but we’ve released a fix and now it’s working as expected. Please try to add another featured video if it works as expected now. Thanks.


    I am also having an issue. When I tried to add a 2nd video to the my sundance sticky carousel, the new video showed up ok but the second video became completely distorted, and was unplayable. I had to delete the new video. Is this a known problem or am I doing something wrong?



    Hi bchicfashions,

    Are you referring to this site:

    It looks like you don’t have any videos on the slider at this time. If you are still running into this issue, please let us know. Thanks!


    I must be missing something completely because I can’t even get the carousel to display! I read through several tutorials and it seems simple enough. Embed the video
    (or video link), mark as sticky, add an excerpt, and select video format.

    I had a header, which I removed in case that was the problem. But even though I have marked two video posts this way… nothing happens! Am I missing something very simple? Thanks for your help!


    I also cannot get the video carousel to display even when marking a post as sticky and selecting the Video format. Have tried creating new posts the same way and none of them work.


    The page I am referring to is



    I am trying to get the carousel. I have also entered the link. But the carousel is not showing up. Can you help me verify the problem?

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