Sunday Downtime

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    It’s Sunday and we’re doing some preventative maintenance to keep everything speedy around here. Your blogs may be unavailable anywhere from 20-60 minutes.



    Hi Matt, I’m a newbie here – been using for nearly a week. Is the amount of downtime in the last week exceptional? I gather you’ve recently installed some new hardware. So far I’ve had problems accessing my blog most days.

    Mostly this manifests as timeouts when trying to load a page, typically somewhere in the Dashboard. I’ve discovered logging out and back in again seems to help sometimes. Not sure why this should be so.

    Love the system when it’s working though!



    That probably why I could get my password resent, iv been locked out from about 8pm last noght till about 10am this morning. At least I know why now. (Note to self….. check thge WP forums more often lol)



    Simon, without knowing more about your connection to the net, there’s not a whole lot to tell you. But knowing that you’re probably being passed between anywhere from 5 to 25 different servers to reach the WordPress one where your blog sits on, it could be a large number of reasons.

    Timeouts occasionally happen but that’s life on the internet. :)

    noscere, without seeing the headers, again, there’s not a whole lot I can tell you.



    The last week have been really exceptional, however this week we have a ton of new hardware coming online (11 new servers) which should bring things back to how nice and fast they were before. I’m very sorry about the troubles.

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