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Sunspot Theme Bug

  1. When there are no Posts, Sunspot has no 404 not found error and not Footer Credits

    yes I know this is an extreme data point, but a bug none the less.

    I think there are one or two other themes that have the same error. Sorry did not think to grab the name when I saw that.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there, thanks for the report.

    A 404 not found error on the blog page usually happens when the front page was set to display a static page that was later deleted. Could this be the case for the sites you saw?

    This was part of core WordPress behaviour, but was recently fixed in this Trac ticket. It will be part of WordPress 3.7 and will also make its way to

    I'm seeing the footer credits on a test Sunspot theme with no posts:

    If you do run across either of these issues again, feel free to let me know the URLs and I'll be glad to have a look. Thanks.

  3. I saw it on one of the blogs for someone asking for help a day or two ago - no 404 / not found message and no footer, just a scrunched up page of some sort -

    I thought there was an about page which had a footer

    I will get a screen shot and URL the next time

    Thanks for checking

  4. No problem - I'll be glad to take a look if you come across it again.

  5. Well - don't know - tried some different abuse settings on Sunspot and the footer stayed there

    I was able to stop any Posts from being displayed by setting a Static landing Page to the same page for landing and Posts - in that case the Posts don't seem to be able to be displayed - but your developers would probably call me some sort of Whack A Doodle for using those settings - but the footer is still there

    I don't spell very well either - I will leave it sit for a while if you want to look - not ready to call it a bug and my guess is that this is in Core

  6. Hi there - I've had a look, thanks.

    The Reading > Front Page settings are indeed a core component.

  7. A 404 not found error on the blog page usually happens when the front page was set to display a static page that was later deleted.

    It also happens when beginners delete the sample "Hello World" post before publishing another post.
    When I tried no posts in one of my test blogs, I didn't get what you linked to, I got what Mike reported:

  8. Thanks for the screenshot, Justpi.

    Would you mind letting me know what your front page settings are under Settings > Reading on the site where you took that screenshot? Any chance I might be able to have a look at that site to see what might be going on? Thanks.

  9. Thanks Panos - looks like what I remembered - nice to know I am not hallucinating

    PS - the center Google Maps code you left a few days ago worked like a charm - thanks much again

  10. @kathrynwp: You're welcome. Since I mentioned deleting the "Hello World" post as opposed to deleting a static front page, then obviously my setting was front page displays -> your latest posts. The crazy thing is I switched to a different theme in the meantime, and when I switched back to Sunspot I got the "No posts to display" notice instead of the blank page. At the moment I can't reproduce the latter; if I manage to, I'll let you know.

    @Mike: You're welcome! Re the GM thread, please keep in mind that I usually don't reply to thank-you comments if I don't see them right away, so as not to bump resolved questions.

  11. it took me a few days from your answer to when I had time to try the code so there was a few days between your answer & my using it - and I now have another code snip-it in the text editor - so I now know what to do the next time

  12. But note that the code I suggested won't work for all objects inserted via a shortcode (for example it will work for a poll but not for the audio player). For more on this sort of trickery you can visit my blog and check my relevant posts.

  13. what if this is a first time initialization problem?

  14. Sorry? I'm afraid I don't understand this phrase!

  15. thanks for the caution on the code

  16. what if this is a first time initialization problem?

    First time Sunspot runs, something is not initialized quite right for the conditions you found that broke the theme - but as soon as the theme is changed the initial value changes and gets set to the correct value -

    It's sort of testing at the limits - sometimes a programmer will forget to set something to the correct value at the start but then something changes in the program and the value is set correctly

  17. Oh I see - back on topic again!
    Interesting hypothesis but no: I tested it on a blog on which I had never used Sunspot, got the 'correct' result again.
    I have a different suspicion, will have to wait and see if I'm right.

  18. Found the footer "feature" in a Titan Theme - empty blog - landing page no footer - about page I think has the footer

  19. Saw it on Triton Lite too. But again I don't seem able to reproduce it in my test blog.

  20. Thanks, both.

    Auxclass - thanks for the link to that site, that's very helpful and I'll look into it.

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