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    Hi all,

    The Sunspot theme uses a transparent comment balloon only visible with a mouse over. Is there anyway to make the comment balloon always available instead of having to mouse over? Most visitors cannot see the comment balloon unless they mouse over.

    Is there anyway to contact the deeloper of the Sunspot theme to explain how to fix this functionality?



    Steven Pappas

    (email redacted)

    The blog I need help with is



    Sunspot was designed by WP.
    But the way the comment link behaves is a conscious and acceptable design decision, not a bug that needs “fixing”. And the problem with requests like yours is that for every user who would like to see such a detail change there will be other users who will protest if it changes, because they like it just the way it is. When you don’t like some aspects of the appearance of a theme, you can buy the Custom Design upgrade and change them yourself, for your own blog only.

    However, I do see your point: the comment link can easily go unnoticed by inexperienced users, the bubble could be different (for example, instead of becoming visible upon hover it could change color upon hover), and what I pointed out above doesn’t completely exclude the possibility that the theme designer might consider your suggestion. So you can wait for a staff reply. In the meantime I’ll tag this thread so it gets moved to the Themes forum, which is monitored by the WP theme team.


    Thanks for the reply.

    I knew it was part of the design. I can also see your point about modifying something makes the other 50% unsatisfied.

    I experimented and asked people to leave a comment and they could not find where to do it.

    If I upgrade do you think I can change the this functionality? Make the bubble visible as opposed to hoverable?

    Thanks for moving this thread to the Theme forum.

    Steven Pappas



    You’re welcome.
    Yes, of course, if you have the upgrade you can change the bubble; you can even add the word “Comments:” before it.
    But I have to correct my previous reply, because I didn’t notice or remember a crucial detail. The bubble isn’t supposed to be invisible till you hover over it, it’s supposed to be black against a colored background. The one who made it invisible is you, when you set a black bg to your blog! So there’s nothing that WP should/might consider: you either set a different bg color, or you buy the upgrade and change the color of the bubble (or you select a different theme).



    I’ll check out changing the background color (to a grey maybe) and see if the bubble appears….

    Thanks for the update. I really appreciate that you care enough to reply. This is something that you do not see very often these days.

    Thanks again.

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