Sunspot theme font went grey/white

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    All the sudden the font went white. Glitch?

    The blog I need help with is



    I have tagged this thread for Staff assistance.



    I went to my blog site
    and the color palate has changed as well as the font color – on its own. I cleared cache, refreshed, and checked my site on another computer and it is still unreadable. Is this a WordPress issue?


    Same thing happened to me! I can’t figure it out.



    It’s my guess (I have no particular knowledge re: Sunspot) that Themes Staff may be working on the theme and that what they are doing has caused this. I tagged this thread for Themes Staff attention.


    The same thing happened to me! Except my theme is Triton Lite. Any insight?



    Same here with Anthem theme. Seems to be related to themes using coloured background.


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    Staff have been notified of this issue and are looking into the details. Please have patience.


    Me too! Font went black. Almost impossible to read against my black & dark grey backgrounds. What’s up doc?!!!
    See one of my blogs from yesterday:


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    As I said, I contacted staff and they are looking into the problem. It’s in many different themes, but some folks have temporarily tried switching to another theme and their sites become functional again. That may help until the trouble is taken care of. Staff response was that there will be a sticky post up top about this issue soon.



    Hi there – we’re looking into this now. Please follow this thread and we’ll update it as soon as we have more information. Thanks for your patience!

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