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    I cannot find anywhere how to download plugins for the Sunspot theme. Is there a way? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    I see that my query is not an easy one to get some help. I’ll ask the question in another way: can someone confirm that with some WP themes you cannot download plugins? And can only use the default widgets? Input appreciated.


    You cannot download plugins with any theme on a blog, but you can on a self-hosted blog. Please see these:

    And for your information, the reason that your query wasn’t answered quickly was most likely that no volunteer was here to answer at the time! These forums are mostly run by volunteers, staff help when we cannot answer questions or if there are more of them online than us at a time. You just have to be patient, here.


    @ absurdoldbird

    Many thanks and… apologies for my impatience!



    FYI the average response time on an internet forum is over 14 hours. And at 11pm on a Friday you can normally expect a longer wait.


    @ raincoaster

    Thanks for the info. I’ll bear it in mind.


    If you had just done a simple search for the term “plugins” you would have found multiple threads as well as this page and could have had your answer in seconds.


    @ notawoodpecker

    I know…I do plenty of that but this time I thought the forums were my best bet.

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