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    the onscreen support chat option.. how do i access that?

    The blog I need help with is


    I have the same question. Normally, my blog has the option to chat at the bottom of the screen. Right now, it does not show the option, and my blog is all messed up. Is wordpress down?


    OK.. well I guess misery loves company… at least I’m not alone!



    5. Clear states that business package users get Direct email and live support chat from our support engineers!!!!!!!! Well thats a big fat lie or better stated deceptive advertising;

    I bought the business package a few hours ago and had to immediately demand a refund of my $299. Word press is being very deceptive because they dont respond to emails and there is absolutely NO live chat support available anywhere.

    I repeat ABSOLUTELY NO LIVE CHAT SUPPORT available anywhere. Its one thing to offer freemium packages without any form of customer service. Its another thing to promise and advertise customer support in form of live support chat and whalla conveniently not provide it…..DECEPTIVE AND UNETHICAL irrespective of how many happy freemium users they might have….

    I obviously feel very strongly about this as I wasted 2 hours searching every conceivable post for the chat support location before discovering it didnt even exist ….and thats after I paid $299 and now my domain name is being held hostage by some unknown web name register I have never heard off…

    I could have simply gone to or blogger or better yet have gotten a freemium account in lieu of this time wasting exercise!!!!!!!!!!!!



    The live chat is business hours, ie 9-5 weekdays. Not sure what time zone it’s in.



    Also, average paid response time is measured in hours. Response time in the average internet forum is over 14 hours. The average response time here, when you ask for assistance from the volunteers, is less than ten minutes. So if you have a specific problem, do a forum search to see if it’s already been asked and solved, and if not, start a new thread for it rather than holding out hope of catching the live chat when it IS live or emailing (email is absolutely the slowest way to get help here at

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