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Support for brightcove ?

  1. I want to include some brightcove video into my wordpress blog but it seems that is not supported by this time.

    As example i would add this video to my new weordpress blog:

    I dont think that the brightcove player id differs much from others like youtube or google video so perhaps you could add support for the brightcove flashplayer into wordpress.

    Brightcove becomes more and more popular and even CBS has decided to publish their CSI:NY and other movies as advertise financed Stream on brightcove.

  2. Not trying to be rude but did you search the forums first before posting this?

    Please follow the instructions and send your request via feedback to staff, including your reasons for wanting to see this introduced.

  4. I also wanted to throw my hat in the ring for support of brightcove to wordpress. Video quality on brightcove is superb compared to youtube and google. Please consider this.

  5. You have to send the request to Support. People on the forum can't do anything about the back-end software. We are regular users like everyone else and just answer questions.

  6. Brightcove video quality is so much better

  7. @theotters
    Posting here is an exercise in futility - if you want brightcove then act on that desire and your needs may be met - eventually. Follow the instructions and send your request to staff on Monday, including your reasons for wanting to see this introduced.

  8. iWould like to see it introduced because it has superior video quality capabilities.

  9. @expatwebcast
    Have you made your desire known to staff? You can do so using the "support" link on any dashboard/admin side blog page at the top right hand corner during support hours (9 - 5PM on weekdays) . Alternatively, you can use this link

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