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    When is going to officialy support google plus?
    i mean so that you can connect you google plus page with wordpress and of course also a google + page badge…
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    You can already put a G+ sharing button on your blog, I have one beneath each of my posts.

    By the way, in future it would be better to post this sort of thing to the ‘Ideas’ forum, as Support is for technical problems.



    If you want is a Publicize-like feature that automatically pushes your content to G+, take it up with them. They are as fed up with spam as anyone, and have banned robo-posted material from their site. If what you want is to push material to sites you, yourself, are not reading at the time, you don’t want G+.

    You can put a G+ badge in the sidebar with a link to your profile easily, just use a text widget.


    yeah i have posted a simple text widget but it doesn’t support scripts so i cannot get the page bage but just a static badge.. :(

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