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    I am new to the blogging world, but what I’ve read says that it makes sense to setup an account on Google’s SiteMaps service. In order to do this, they require to verify ownership of the site, either through an HTML <META> tag or by creating a static HTML page. Is this supported? If not, can this be added as a feature?



    What’s a sitemap?



    Is this supported?

    Currently neither the sitemap creation nor the static page. Here‘s a search done for ‘sitemap’ in the forums if you want to read the other threads on the topic. Here‘s also a link to the FAQ at the top of the forums here where you can check out the question about editing our themes and the reasons why we are currently unable to.

    Google Sitemaps were created in an attempt by Google to show that they are paying attention to all those requests to give up their secrets by those who deal with SEO. Since a search engine is going to hit every link within your site and Google themselves state that they don’t use the Sitemaps in any way or form, Sitemaps are useless for an attempt to encourage better spidering of your website. There’s also the problem of how they wind up in search results higher than normal pages which doesn’t do much good since most browsers can’t deal with them correctly.

    Sitemaps are basically a listing of all Posts and Pages within your website in XML form. You can view one on my website here. It was something Google introduced a few years back. If you have a website that has proper URLs instead of ones with php code and just numbers and if your site is properly linked internally (Both of those are true with what we have here), then you shouldn’t have any issues with getting placed in the search engines.

    Now having said that, I do know the issue has been worked on in the past over on the support forums for this code base. You can view those threads here and here. Maybe someday Matt and crew will pick up on this.

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