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Support for Hellodeo

  1. Hi guys! I have heard you are working on a Odeo widget and I would like to submit to your attention a new service launched by Odeo, which is called

    Hellodeo allows you to record a video (in Flash format) directly from the webcam and post it on whatever webpage.

    The service generates a script like this:

    [text deleted so not to kill the forum - drmike]

    ad once you post it you see a little player that allows you to play your video.

    Do you think this could be interesting for you?


  2. Best bet would be to submit a Feedback from your dashboard and request this service.

  3. Thanks drmike! I'll do that ;)

  4. I like embedded content.

    drmike: is there a list of all the supported embeddeds at

  5. I don't think any embeds are currectly allowed except for the meebo one into the meebo widget.

  6. drm: there's the Youtube embed as well. That's what made me think there might be more available.

    Aren't several embedded video players supported?

  7. I believe that grouper and google are supported as well as youtube. IMO the search box is bound to bring up the threads you need.:)

  8. Just a thought though, might be good to have all the embedded options localized to one place in the FAQ.

  9. there's the Youtube embed as well.

    That's not an embed, that's a method supported with a plugin. (ie you don't use the embed tags) Only actual embed allowed is the Meebo one and that's right into the widget.

  10. I would love to see a sidebar widget support for odeo

  11. Just making sure that in the meantime prior to a widget being created that you are aware of this

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