Support for integrating Google Docs & Spreadsheets

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    Hi, our web site is for a sports association. We’d like to be able to manage schedules, results and standings in a Google spreadsheet and have our WordPress site updated via embedded portions of the spreadsheet. Otherwise, it will be a tedious manual process.

    Is it possible to provide support for this, similar to YouTube videos?

    Here is the link that explains how to embed a Google spreadsheet on a blog or other web site:

    The embed option uses an iframe tag.

    Thanks for your consideration.



    Thanks for the link, by the way. I wish more folks would give them when they had questions.

    Can’t do embedding I’m afraid. If the embed or iframe tag was allowed, it would allow too many security issues around here. Feel free to search of either one of those tags for previous discussions on the subject.

    You can do it with regular wordpress, just not the version of wordpress multiuser that we run here.

    Hope this helps,

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