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  1. I run a creative arts blog on wordpress (, and am always annoyed when I log in and see the same old blogs hogging the space in the top blogs section. Its always technology news and updates, which I don't necessarily have a problem with, its just that there is no range. I understand that they are there because they are getting the most hits, but I wish wordpress would perhaps create a 'recommended blogs' section that featured small, original blogs, instead of giving advertising space to the same old recycled material. We have loads of enthusiastic contributors who would love to see their stuff getting more hits - I'm sure wordpress could give us a helping hand.

    Thanks a lot, duncannichols

    P.S If that came across as bitching I apologise.

  2. Several people here have proposed doing a WordPress-specific review blog. It's a lot of work; maybe you could volunteer to help and bring that into being.

    Also, it's not fair to imply that the top blogs are unoriginal. In many cases they are there because they are unique and valuable, and a lot of people recognize that. Giving recognition to deserving blogs doesn't require denigrating existing, successful ones.

  3. Been bitched (Being honest as I agree) about many times.

    Only thing we can point you at is the growing blogs list also within your dashboard as well as the lists.

  4. Also, in the off-topic forum we have a thread for blog promotion and one for "What you posted in your blog today." Have you used them? Do you go to the blogs in them?

  5. Off Topic subforum.

    Plug yourself thread
    What did you post today thread

    Hope this helps,

  6. Is there a way to allow any user connecting to our Blog from our website to create a new post (not just a comment on an existing post)?

  7. @bdean

    Is there a way to allow any user connecting to our Blog from our website to create a new post (not just a comment on an existing post)?

    Well, the answer to your question is "no" and that hinges on the word "any user". A blog is not a "forum". Also aside from that allowing "any user" to post to your blog would be an open invitation to spammers.

    However, the FAQs blog tells you how you could add specified contributors, authors, editors and even administrators to your blog. As well it tells you what privileges each "role" has visa vis the blog.

    P.S. Your question doesn't seem to be on-topic for this thread. It's always best to post into a directly related thread or to start a new one where applicable. :)

  8. I do agree that it would be nice if WordPress featured some of the many, many terrific blogs that, for whatever reason, aren't getting the attention they deserve.

    In fact, for a very long time, the wordpress main page used to link to a blog started up by a guy name Ken. The blog is called -- straightforwardly enough -- "best blog on wordpress." When I discovered it, Ken had a call out for volunteers, so for quite a while I contributed descriptions of the blogs I came across that seemed worth taking a look at. I loved hunting around for unsung blogs and I also loved knowing that they were getting some well deserved attention, thanks to the power of the main page link. There were quite a few editors on that blog, from all walks of life, and that tended to mean that, over time, lots of topics were covered.

    When the main page was redesigned, the link was removed and although I urged Matt and Co. to reconsider, I've never heard back from them.

    It was a wonderful community project and it's now languishing. Maybe if a few people would volunteer to work on the project and bug Matt, etc. about it, it'll come back. I'd be happy to keep contributing, but it seemed to me that if wordpress wasn't going to back it, it wasn't really going to achieve its main purpose which was to promote unsung blogs.

  9. Quotes has already started a blog like that, so get in touch with him; he's looking for helpers.

    Why do we need corporate backing to support new blogs? Seems counter-intuitive to me. The Plug Your Blog and What Did You Post Today threads are a place for people to promote their own blogs without WP interfering in any way, positive or negative. And so is quotes's project.

    As I understand it, the link to the original WP-rating blog was removed because there was internecene drama going on, and WP as a company is allergic to that. Yet another reason to do this independently. If people like the Blog Reviews, they will promote them spontaneously. If people don't find much value in them, they won't; it'll live or die by how much demand for this there is.

  10. I believe that there is one blog currently in the queue to get a hosted weblog award as of this moment. If I present that award then I will have a space to add a new nominee to the queue.

    Perhaps would be a good candidate?

  11. Here is an award for Sulz.

    Another one in the morning.

    I will put up the award code in a while.

  12. Hey Rain, The BestBlog site never struck me as having "corporate backing" -- it was intended to be a community resource, like the forums, and a good thing for people to have access to through a link from the front page. There was never any actual communication to or from Matt, etc.

    As for internecene drama, I think you've got that wrong. I don't know of any struggle or dispute among the people who volunteered to help edit that blog. Our biggest problem was finding people who had enough time to look around for great blogs. Perhaps you're thinking of some other blog or some other group.


  13. Bloglily, my "corporate backing" remark is directed at people who expect WordPress itself to support something like this, not at the BestBlog. But I'm glad to hear there was no drama behind the scenes: my impression had been that bloggers were getting backstabby, and I'm glad to hear that's wrong.

  14. quotes: thanks again. =))

  15. @sulz
    I'm curious. How did your blog qualify to receive this award? And which blog received it? I see that your blog stats indicate on the blog linked to your username here an average of 62 visitors daily and 95 page views daily for an average visit length of 1 minute and 40 seconds and that your blog's page rank is 5. What I can't see is what criteria were used to make this award.

  16. timethief: it works like a blogs of the day award. you nominate a blog, the award giver reviews the blogs nominated for the day, and if yours is the best among them, then you get it. it works more like an avenue to promote unheard blogs.

    that said, your comment stung a little. =(

  17. It's a review, not an analytics thing. So it's someone's opinion of how good the blog is, not a measure of how popular, etc.

  18. I've been sort of absent for the last few months, but this thread has made me realize it's time to re-energize that bestblog site. If anybody's interested in working on it, there's a "comments" page where you can get in touch with Ken, who began the blog. And quotes, if you're looking for help, I'd be pleased to contribute.

    Sulz -- I think TT is more interested in the mechanics of things, not in suggesting that you don't deserve to be spotlighted for your fine blog. We all know that traffic doesn't always or even often have much to do with the quality of a site. (Except in Rain's case!)

  19. Awww, thanks!

  20. @sulz
    I don't understand why you would say my questions about criteria stung. I thought that the answers to them would amount to public knowledge and you wouldn't hesitate to share them. Also your blogs are in completely different categories than mine are so this has nothing to do with competitiveness.

    bloglily has it right - I was interested in the mechanics. You and I both know that criteria for determining what "quality content" is are subjective, right?

    I have never entered a contest in my life prior to:
    (1) knowing the rules;
    (2) knowing the criteria for granting awards; and
    (3) checking out the credentials of those who were doing the judging.

  21. Yes, blog reviews are subjective. Period.

  22. And in the case of Sulz's blog, I'd say those subjective criteria are ones I agree with!

    Congrats to you, Ms. Sulz. An honor well deserved.

  23. timethief: the word competitiveness has never even crossed my mind, nor am i comparing myself to you. i just felt that it should have been a question posed to quotes rather than myself, because it is he who decides who wins what in his blog, although i do know or think i do know why i won. or it could have been better phrased because it can be insinuated that you don't think i ought to win. and let me emphasise it can be insinuated, i'm not saying that you are. people with no background knowledge to our relationship can possibly come to that conclusion. that's the point i'm trying to make, is all.

    bloglily: thank you. =) but you're part of the nine rules network!

  24. secondchancetolive

    Drama =Drain in my opinion. Read my post, What is keeping you stuck?

  25. Congrats Sulz ! :) No offence was ever intended.

    You say: "...although i do know or think i do know why i won."
    That's what I was asking about but let it go girl.

    Good on you and good on your blog. May you get many more awards.. :)

  26. timethief: okay, thank you. =)

  27. A new award is up.

    I think the award and nomination code might be broken.

    Can someone help with getting that to show up properly?

    is it ?

    Something might be wrong with the quotes marks and it looks like it doesn't copy and paste properly.

    Below is says

    "Put code in between backticks."


  28. quotes: i had problems with the code too. don't remember how i solved it, but it involved editing / retyping the code in notepad. maybe you should redo the code again.

  29. I also try to promote good blogs I see by blog-tipping. You can view them at
    I have only just scratched the surface of quotes' awards... I will dig deeper. But the blogtipping I do is wherever I find a good blog... blogger, live spaces, WP and I'm starting to review a few more typepad(?) blogs. Most of what I review are mom blogs, just because that's what I am. I have, though, reviewed men's blogs as well as non-mom/women's blogs. As I am not a code writer or anything even closely resembling that, I have no idea how to create or pass on (or if I even can) the nifty little "button" awards... I'm not even sure that's the right terminology. At any rate, it's a knockoff of Easton Ellis's(?) idea for business blogs. Anyway... if you are looking for more blogs, you might take a look at what I've got. I try to do one once a week.

  30. @snpnmnmi

    Easton Ellis, the guy who started blogtipping is right here in my town - just a couple of dozen miles away. We have not met in person yet - I had not heard about it for a while so thought it was dying out. I am going to have to ask him about it.

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