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  1. Blogtipping?

  2. It would be nice to have official support, but I don't think it's realistic. I tried to do this "unofficially" several months ago with but that hit a couple of issues:

    - hard to get a community about to form somewhere other than
    - Fanpop doesn't have proper moderation controls for keeping out spam
    - The only common connection we all have is using

    Having a "top" whatever will always be subjective to whatever the majority of the group likes. The Top Blog/Posts all go by popularity/traffic so they already work by "what the majority of the group likes". Even if you tweaked it so that it only counted traffic from logged in bloggers you wouldn't see that much of a shift. Popular is popular.

    Asking to make subjective decisions about "upcoming blogs" isn't feasible for a variety of reasons -- a) there is a *LOT* to sift through, b) people will always complain that their blog isn't listed (human nature), c) whatever metric they choose will still be subjective and people will complain about the decision making process (same way as the original poster), d) there will be accusations of favoritism.

    I think the real solution is that you have to build your blog audience the same way as any other blog -- connect with other bloggers. Read other blogs, comment on them, build relationships with them. And they can subjectively choose to link to you.

  3. @engtech
    Well said.

  4. @drmike
    Re: blogtipping - A community of bloggers that periodically "link" or blogtip each other's blogs. There are many of these under various names.

  5. Thanks.

  6. I finally got around to googling blogtipping, since i, too, was confused as to what it meant. I found this blog post that explained it succinctly:

    Imagine my relief to find that the idea was started by a man name Easton Ellsworth, not Easton Ellis, whom i had associated with Brett Easton Ellis, someone who seems singularly unlikely to have any interest in promoting other people's blogs.

  7. Disembedded is using Blogtipping right now. Perhaps we could persuade him to let us know how he does it.

    PS: Bret Easton Ellis may be a horrible human being, but he's a major writing talent, and for that he will always be forgiven much. Me heart him.

  8. <OffTopic> I love his writing too, and i have no information about his personal life. He just seemed an unlikely candidate to have come up with blogtipping :-) </OffTopic>

  9. Agreed 100%. But authors live to pimp their publicity, and I speak as an author.

  10. @timethief
    How did you read the blog stats for another blog..especially interested in time spent per page, etc.

  11. Sounds like cowtipping to me. :)

  12. @drmike

    >March 23rd, 2007 at 5:45 pm

    From the inventor:

    Q: - Why did you start blogtipping and what exactly is blog tipping?

    A: I started blogtipping (or blog tipping) in April 2006 as a fun, simple way to remind myself and other bloggers to help each other. You just surprise three other bloggers by publishing a post in which you give each blogger three compliments and one suggestion.

    I believe he does it on the first of each month.

  13. Congrats! disembedded :)

  14. Well deserved. What an ambitious blog! Could spend awhile nosing around on that one.

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