Support for Skype URIs?

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    Hi there,

    I don’t suppose has support for Skype URIs?

    I would like to add a link on my site for visitors to call me on Skype. This would be a simple hyperlink, like this:

    Call me on Skype

    This places a Skype call if Skype is installed on the users computer. It works really well on smartphones and tablets with the Skype app installed.

    But… when I try to add this, the WordPress editor strips out the skype: bit, and I end up with a non-functioning hyperlink.

    BTW, just to be clear: I am not talking about Skype buttons, which require a snippet of Javascript. I understand that 3rd party scripts aren’t allowed on

    Cheers, Nick

    The blog I need help with is



    Hmmm. If you have an actual number, not just an ID, skype automatically makes that clickable if you’re signed in. Does that help?



    Hi raincoaster.

    No, I’m afraid it doesn’t, but thanks for the response.

    I think this only works if you (ie: the user) have Skype on your PC, and are using the Skype plug-in in your browser.

    Also, no number – just an ID.

    I was hoping that perhaps Skype support might be added via a shortcode?

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