Support Form is NOT Working, Nor Able To Get Answers

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    Your support form is NOT working, nor does it show so that a person can contact you with issues. Please help. The site seems to run me around in circles, with no option to contact, when it brings you to the contact page for a form, there is no form to be found. I started out trying to research where I could find out why my blogroll is not showing up on my site. So when no answers could be found, nor anything that helped me I did decide to try to contact support to no avail. I did this for nearly 2 hours and still nothing. Did WordPress decide to do away with a contact form????????????????????? If so then what does a person do to get some help now ?? The support site shows a bunch of links for various issues all in written form but there are no live support people to assist a person with their blog, it is very unsettling so I am writing here in hopes that somebody will respond. If there is a support form, it did NOT show though it said on the page that you could contact through a form, when you click on that link there is NO form to be found, it keeps re routing you to the same exact page .. very strange.. I’m wondering why my blog followers are not showing on my site, this is how this all started. When I did review a help page about this, it was vague and also unhelpful for there is not certain things present on my settings page that could actually correlate with their support post on the issue.

    The blog I need help with is



    Please check the notice at the top of the form. Due to a backlog, we have had to temporarily close the form to users without paid upgrades.

    What is the URL of the blog you’re having trouble with?


    Hi there, thank you for your response, the blog is



    At take a look near the bottom-left. You’ll find a list of your followers there.


    HI there, yes I do know that it is on that page but I thought that the followers showed on your actual webpage too, or is that not the case with wordpress. Over at blogger my followers are visible to the public, does wordpress not have that? thanks for your help ahead of time.



    Over at blogger my followers are visible to the public, does wordpress not have that?

    No we don’t have that here.


    ok thank you



    You’re welcome.


    All my posts, all my stats, EVERYTHING is missing from my blog.. EVERYTHING.. is there a glitch!! I need to have all posts restored… There is NO support form, at least for folks that are not upgraded yet you should notify them that all their information was going to be lost…. Can somebody please help me Jewels Pleiadian UFO Blog



    You did not post an active link starting with http:// to the blog in question, and it’s not linked to your username. Is this the blog you mean or not?

    Also note that since the support form has been closed there is an increased Staff presence here on these peer support forums. It’s common to wait for 24 hours on other blogging support forums to get an answer. On these peer support foums initail response takes place within minutes. It’s only a matter of hours before threads with issues Volunteers cannot deal with are in Staff hands.


    Staff has never had content.

    The only thing that ever happened to that blog was its initial registration in February of 2008, then nothing.



    I believe this may be the blog referred to >



    That’s the one jewelspleiadianufoblog is referring to, it’s fine.

    The only blog on jewels2012ascend’s account it

    However, there must be some confusion here, since nothing was ever done with


    YES that is the blog !!! you can google it, you can find it through google.. But when I login as Admin, All Settings, All Posts, ALL my Followers ARE LOST !!!! All my theme, it says now I only have a couple posts, i just posted something and my theme is GONE!!!!! Every stinken think GONE!!! My followers too… My Pages… My Categories…. All Previous Posts…. MY SITE IS NOT FINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come login with me and SEE for yourself… EVERYTHING including my stats are gone… I am hoping you understand I am speaking from inside my blog as admin.. Also see for yourself.. I just posted a post, and my theme is gone.. I cannot find it on google now and yet I just posted it.. All my new posts are with a white screen theme, with NO followers getting my posts.. Its like you wiped out everything.. You kept my old settings somewhere else or you kept my old posts elsewhere because they are no longer connected to my Admin, nor to my site as it is NOW.. This is NOT resolved and just because you can Google it to find it and see it as it use to be does NOT mean I can, and it does not mean that inside my settings, everything hasnt been wiped out, all my future posts are in the new white theme blah crap, without my followers getting my new posts, without my old settings and without my old posts. It even wiped out my connection to Yahoo to have them posted over there, when I say everything is gone, I mean everything… So NOTHING IS FINE.. Folks work hard to do what they do,,,, My posts are very personal and I do have followers, BUT NOT no more.. Yes I am ticked.. How can anyone wish to upgrade when folks just lose your things like that.. All my stats are gone.. Anyway, I guess I keep saying Gone because it is GONE..

    Here is the new post I just created.. You cannot see it with my old theme, or my old settings.. Why? because you wiped all of my previous settings out now..



    You can clearly see by my new post what I am talking about, then go look at the old post such as this and see the difference…>

    Well and now I am stating that wordpress lost my followers too along with all settings, theme and pages, posts, and stats etc


    even my avatar is gone… I spent HOURS fixing my site with widgets and all I have there


    To Timetheif, your link goes to my correct blog settings.. And to Macman your link goes to the Corrupted and Changed settings……………………… Timethief had the correct look of my blog as its been and YES I DID PLENTY TO my blog right from the second I opened it up….. spent hours……………………….. on it from the very day I got one



    Are you the only user with Admin status on the blog?
    Is your username and password log-in information available to anyone else?
    Is your email account with your original email blog verification link in it available to anyone else?


    To Mac Man…I DONT Lie.. I work VERY Hard… Lo and behold my over 300 posts on your site and 10, 262 Visitors with counter and posts from this page.. But these settings and all my pages are NOW GONE from your site messing up all configuration and losing everything I worked hard to get including my followers.




    @jewels2012ascend – are you sure you are in the right forum? Is your blog really over at Blogger? There is a blog over at Blogger with the same name.

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