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    This, ie the support forum, is the busiest one on here.

    It is a nightmare catching up with anything of value over the past 24 hours let alone a longer period, and no, typing in a key searchword doesn’t really help.

    Any chance of making sub-forums eg financial issues, coding issues, upgrades, developmental problems, new to blogging etc. I realise that may be complicated but it would really make life easier without having to sift through irrelevant stuff.

    The blog I need help with is


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    You can use Google to help search these forums. Use this format:
    TOPIC_HERE site:

    There are also the Support documents/articles to read for information.

    And for getting started there is this tutorial:

    Also, if you see a thread with inappropriate tags, then you can add more reasonable keywords. New folks often put only one word in when the tag would be better as a phrase. Or adding the word “help” as a tag is useless when a descriptive tag would be helpful.


    Thanks. I figured it would be a no.


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    Well, this is in the ideas forum so staff will see this thread. So it’s not exactly “no.”

    And my point about you adding appropriate tags, if you are already looking around here, and occasionally answering questions as a volunteer, is valid. I am not staff, only a volunteer and fellow blogger, and this being “community forum,” that is a way to be proactive, helpful, useful.

    IMO improving the forum search is probably not high on the agenda. But searching the support docs and using Google works pretty well.

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