Support not replying; I need some help!

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    I have sent the following as an email to the support team 3 times now (over a number of days), and have not yet received a response. I also wrote it as a forum post and haven’t had a response… I’m getting frustrated as I haven’t been able to use my blog properly for the past 4 days now and at the very least I would have liked a response from support.

    I really need some help with domain mapping; I paid for the service and all I’m asking for is some help so that I can use the service I have paid for.

    My problem – I had a wordpress blog ( and paid to have my domain ( mapped to that blog. Since then, I deleted the wordpress blog ( and then opened a new one (

    I tried to map the domain ( to my new wordpress blog, but it refuses as the domain is still linked to the deleted blog ( I cannot cancel and remap it either; I just get an error code saying that as the address is mapped to the blog, I cannot re-map to a new blog.

    I would transfer the mapping, but as the blog is deleted, I am stuck!

    Is it possible for you to either:

    – Transfer my purchased domain mapping of from my old blog to the new
    – cancel the domain mapping of to so that I can re-purchase domain mapping to my new blog
    – offer me advice about how I can achieve either of the above options.

    I greatly appreciate your assistance!

    Best regards,


    The blog I need help with is


    Hey Zara,

    Apologize for the delay in the response. I know all of the staff were at a grand meetup over the last week, so responses have been slower than usual.

    You should be able to transfer the mapping yourself at

    Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades >> there is a transfer option

    If you have attempted that already to no avail or If you have trouble doing that, I can flag for staff assistance and they can do it for you. let me know, thanks!





    No it won’t work; it says “zazzydoo.wordpress is not longer available. The authors have deleted this site”

    It won’t even let me cancel the domain mapping :-(



    @beetle22, I’m responding to your support email.

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