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Support re-opens on 2 January

  1. As title says.

  2. Deleted off topic posts.

    Um, folks. This thread is about staff taking a holiday break. If you have issues, please start another thread.

    13c4, please remember that we can't read minds. You need to point at specifics on your blog where the images are not coming up.


  3. Deleted off topic posts and tags yet again.

    Also a friendly reminder that when you report issues, you need to point at something so we can see what you're looking at. We can't read minds around here. Only my ex thought I could. :)

    For example, I'm looking at "this post" and give a link and explain what is occuring and why it's wrong. :)

  4. so, uh it's past midday according to

    it's been since like... the 27th.

    are we going to get a new ETA on support opening? or should we just suggest folks email matt?

  5. Sorry for the delay!

    (Which means it's all open and working)

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