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    This new way of communicating about support needed is annoying. I feel that I’m not getting the personalized service that I’m accustomed to with WP. I wrote on this page hours ago about an issue I’m experiencing and have had no responses that I can see either here or in email. There seems to be no email address available at all any more to discuss a problem with the website directly with WP staff. It is frustrating. I feel I could just as easily be dealing with Blogger or another less responsive blogging site. I expect more…and I want my issue addressed by a real human being!

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    If you would read the support forums, you would realize that WP is having a lot of problems right now, so it is taking time for them to get to everyone, so you need to be patient. And the reason they have people post in the forums is so if someone else is experiencing the same/similar problem they can have it fixed as well without having to respond to thousands of emails about the same problem. I am sorry your problem hasn’t been resolved, but complaining about it on a support forum is not the way to handle the situation, especially since this particular forum is for technical support issues, not customer service issues.



    I assure you that each and every Volunteer who works free of charge answering support questions on this forum is a human being and that we are providing the best support service that we know how to provide.
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    @ Dreamsescape…I don’t have time to read the forums about WP issues. If WP has service issues, it is their responsibility to publish a post asking folks to be patient about response times and why and if it’s an ongoing issue, to keep folks posted. I do not recall any such posting in my subscription about it,. If such a post were published, my apologies for being impatient. Considering the last time I had need of support service was more than a year ago and have always got an answer within four hours, I’d say I wasn’t unreasonable at all. Please remember that this is the ONLY avenue to raise any issue that I can find on the site any more. Were there an email address, (which there used to be) that’s where I would have made this remark because I feel that a staff’s ear is the only useful place to reflect when I dislike how WP is doing about something. If they would like to hear issues privately, then they’ll publish an email…and I think it would behoove everyone to remember that all users have a right to express an opinion regarding customer service.

    That said, now I know their service issue and that the problem I originally posted about hasn’t just landed in some responseless void as I’d find with other blogging sites, I’m more than content to not see my stats properly for a few weeks if need be. I just need to know that eventually someone will do something about the issue. Thank you for illuminating the time issue at least even if you’ve no information about why widgets on home page aren’t functioning properly.

    @ timethief, Thank you so much for replying. I’ll certainly take a look at the link and reply there if appropriate. Blessings to you both!

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